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Samuel is great to work with and a real talent. Watch out for him in the future, he’s going places!

Andrew Gumpert
Paramount COO

This little one will be a BIG one!

Avi Arad
Chairman of Arad Productions & Producer of Iron Man, Spiderman & X-Men

A star is born. Can’t wait to cast him in our next action film. Move over Tom Cruise, here comes the Kid from Hidden Hills.


Sammy is very cute, photogenic and he has such a calm personality. He is easy around people so I would cast him the next time.

Michele Morris
Freelance agency producer and former head of production at Attik Ad agency

Your new pictures look sensational. Let’s do lunch very soon.

Fern Champion
Casting Director for Texas Rising & Surviving Compton

What a great kid- this kid is! A trooper! Always hits his mark, always remembers his lines (OK, they've been pretty easy so far, but still). And what a looker! He's going to be a tremendous star. Best of luck to Sam.

R. Michael Givens
Director of Opposite Day, A Magic Christmas, & A Chilly Christmas

Thank you Samuel for being a guest on ActorsE Chat Show.

Pepper Jay
Director of Actors Entertainment

What a talented, hilarious, and outgoing kid. He’s so great to work with! Samuel is a star in the making.

Sean McNamara
Director of Soul Surfer, Bratz & Robosapian & Producer of That’s so Raven & the New Legally Blondes

I have complete trust in Samuel as a [child] and a model. He is committed hard working and on time, he's a real treasure!

Simon Needham
Director of commercials & branded content including Lexus, Fiat & Under Armor

How can you not love this kid & website!

Rob Dupear
Director of television commercials including Lenovo, Coca Cola & Ford

Young Samuel nailed his line on the second take. Yay Samuel!

Josef Rusnick
Director of Beyond & the Thirteenth Floor

Hi Sammy! It was so much fun to audition with you today as your "mom"! ...You did such a great job!

Jenny Austin
Casting Director for Bozo: The Valedictorian & Or Die Trying

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